Sitemap - 2021 - Flagging Down the Double E's

Dark Eyes

One Semi-Random Song: "Love Minus Zero / No Limit," Philadelphia 1995

What Coulda Been

Patti Smith's Former Tour Manager Shares Memories of the '95 Dylan Tour

'Paradise Lost' Tour Rarities

The Cover of the Boston Phoenix

He's Gone

A Patti Primer

"Patti's still the best"

Paradise Lost: A Bob & Patti Miniseries

Last Night in DC (by Adam Selzer)

Last Night in Philly

Tempest Revisited

Charleston, Moon Township, and Hershey (James Adams Tour Diary)

Highlands of Worcester

Wednesday Night in Knoxville (by Jon Wurster)

"with Mark Knopfler on guitar"

Last Night in Chicago

Last Night in Milwaukee

Regina McCrary Talks About Singing Gospel with Bob Dylan

Can't Wait

Interview: Mark Spring, Dylan's First Never Ending Tour Stage Manager

Tour Manager Richard Fernandez Talks Life on the Road with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty

One Random Song: "Every Grain of Sand," Stockholm 2005

Listening to Every "Tangled Up in Blue" in Chronological Order

Subscribers Bonus: 21st Century Covers Download

Ranking Bob Dylan's 21st Century Covers

Accidentally Like a Martyr

Bonus: 1988 Tour Program

Drummer Christopher Parker on the Start of Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour

This Date in Dylan: September 24

Bob's Best Dad Jokes

Meetin' and Greetin' in Colorado

Emma Swift on Seeing Dylan's Sydney Opera House Debut

Bob & Bruce at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Robyn Hitchcock on Seeing Dylan at the Isle of Wight

A Tale of Two Moon Rivers

'Oh Mercy' in the 21st Century

"The poet laureate of rock-n-roll, the voice of the promise of the '60s counterculture…"

Bob Dylan's Biggest Setlist Surprises - Part 3

Bob Dylan's Biggest Setlist Surprises - Part 2

Bob Dylan's Biggest Setlist Surprises - Part 1

One Random Song: "Like a Rolling Stone," Los Angeles 1988

Jim Keltner: "I'm there because Bob Dylan wants me to be there"

Ranking Every 'Shadow Kingdom' Song

Dylan's Non-Gospel Gospel

Jim Keltner Talks Thirty Years of Drumming for Bob Dylan

'Shadow Kingdom' Live Chat

A Music Professor Takes on Upsinging

Like a Rolling Stones

Like a July 2001 'Rolling Stone'

1984 Dylan/Santana Tour Program

The Worst Song Dylan Ever Performed Live

Checking In on the Year 2000

Billy Cross Talks Playing 100 Shows with (and Getting His Hair Pulled By) Bob Dylan

One Random Song: "The Sound of Silence," Anaheim 1999

Hopes for Dylan's Live Stream?

Franz Nicolay on Dylan and "the dignified absurdity of show business"

This Date in Dylan: June 6

The Real Royal Albert Hall

An Oral History of Dylan's 'Hard Rain' Concert

Never-Seen Rolling Thunder '76 Photos

The Dylan Concert Album That Coulda, Shoulda Been

Alabama Getaway

Diving Deep into Dylan's Worst Year

Jon Wurster Stole Bob Dylan's Kleenex

One Random Song: "Saving Grace," Buffalo 1980

Dylan's Forgotten Gaslight Gig

Make You Feel My Rage

Rolling Thunder Rolls Again

One Random Song: "Simple Twist of Fate," Savannah 2015

Did Bob Break Carole King's Arm? A Pointless Investigation

From The Pope to Soy Bomb: Larry Campbell on 11 Unusual Shows He Played with Dylan

Two 1997 Dylan soundchecks

This Date in Dylan: April 6

Melancholy Moods

Larry Campbell Goes Deep on His Eight Years with Bob Dylan

Turning Back the Clock

Pianist Alan Pasqua Talks "Murder Most Foul," Dylan's Nobel Lecture, and the 1978 Tour

Freddy or Not

After Prague

One Random Song: "Blowin' in the Wind," Santiago 2008

Playing the Electric Violin

This Date in Dylan: March 3

Dylan at the Grammys V: "Cry a While," 2002

Dylan at the Grammys IV: "Gotta Serve Somebody," 1980

Dylan at the Grammys III: "Love Sick," 1998

Dylan at the Grammys II: "Masters of War," 1991

The Dire Straits Tour That Wasn't

"Happy Valentine's Day to you and you and you and you!"

Dylan at the Grammys I: "Maggie's Farm," 2011

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