Sitemap - 2022 - Flagging Down the Double E's

Compilation Corner: Still Waiting (Can't Wait 1997-2019)

New 'Last Waltz' Videos Surface 46 Years Later

A Close Listen to Bob Dylan's First Gospel Tour Finale

In the Cold for Bob

"Nobody has to ask me how I feel about this town"

Rolling Thunder's Designer Talks Circus Curtains and Trail Maps

The Best and Worst Dylan Shows of 1992 – By Someone Who's Listened to Every Single One

20 Years Chronicling Bob Dylan Posters and Ticket Stubs

Bob Dylan at the Ryman, 1969-2022

Last Night in Dublin (by Matthew, Brian, & Joe)

Last Night in Oxford (by Tim Edgeworth)

Bob Dylan's 1989 Jerry Lee Lewis Act

Three Random Songs: "It Ain't Me Babe" 1992, "Honest with Me" 2008, "Jokerman" 1994

Last Night in Nottingham (by Tim Edgeworth)

Last Night in London…Again

Last Night in London

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Tears of Rage

London Meetups This Weekend (Plus Some 1962 Bob History)

Announcing My Book 'Pledging My Time: Conversations with Bob Dylan Band Members'

Rare Covers at a 1988 Soundcheck

Dylan's Desert Trip Film School

The Seafarin' Bob Dylan

Cynthia Gooding's Gerdes Folk City Tapes

The World's Foremost Expert on Bob Dylan's Guitar Playing

Peter, Paul, & Mary's Noel Paul Stookey Talks Bob Dylan in the '60s

Bob Dylan Drummer Winston Watson Talks MTV Unplugged, Woodstock '94, and More Memorable Shows

The Night Bob Dylan Joined The Paul James Band

No Reason to Get Excited

Slow Trolley Coming (by Graley Herren)

A Guide to Some of the Best Live-Dylan Compilations Out There

Winston Watson Talks Drumming for Bob Dylan in the '90s

Bob's Newport Return, 20 Year Later (by Adam Selzer)

Bob Dylan, Oldies Act

Dylan's 2005 One-Offs

Paul Williams' Guide to His Favorite 1981 Dylan Show

Tracking the Dylan-Simon 1999 Tour in Real Time


Even After All These Years, You're Still the One

Last Night in LA (by Tim Heidecker)

Not At Budokan

Heartbreakers Drummer Stan Lynch Talks Touring with Bob Dylan in the '80s

One Random Song: "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again," Edinburgh 1995

Compilation Corner: La Bota de Europa 2010

Last Night in Spokane (from Matt Simonsen)

Bob's Last Pre-Pericarditis Performance

Two Nights Before "Judas"

An In-Depth Look at the Bob Dylan Center's Unheard Live Recordings

John Bauldie on Mumbly 1992 Dylan

"I was playing a lot of songs I didn’t want to play"

Compilation Corner: Blonde Gone Wild

This Date in Dylan: April 20

Easter Time Too

CD-Rchive: Between Saved and Shot

Notes from the Road in Carolina (by James Adams)

Beyond the Horigan

A Lost 1966 Dylan Show

Last Night in New Orleans

Listening to Every Show Dylan Played in 1992

First Time Around

Last Night in Phoenix (Clips)

"Not ideally suited to television"

Stories from Bob Dylan's First Never Ending Tour Sound Crew

CD-Rchive: Atlantic City 2004

Piano Man

The Heartbreakers' Benmont Tench Talks Touring and Recording with Bob Dylan

1974 Ephemera

Rarely-Seen 1974 Tour Photos

Before the Flood II: Electric Boogaloo