I love this whole story but the part I won’t forget is Bob being worried about the mean girl in Winston’s daughter’s art class. Sooo great.

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So entertaining, really enjoyed reading this.

Until this on-and-off series of interviews you've done of people who have played with Dylan, I'd never read so many accounts of what it's like. I had started to wonder if all these guys signed a pre-nup or something (as I've heard rumors of about Prince) - nobody seemed to give many details and anecdotes about playing with Bob.

So these are really valuable. Great stuff.

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Here a writing on facebook by Andrea Orlandi, Photographer, then in Kansas.

Omaha, sep 1992

Last Charlie Quintana show with Bob Dylan

He gave us the task to be his messengers of welcome for the debut in the band in Kansas City, of his dear friend Winston Watson

He said “ My friend Winston is joining the band tomorrow in Kansas. He is a great drumner, better than me. Please go to this hotel and give him my best and tell him to be sure that he will be great. He needs to be assured and relax.

Thank you. Here I write you his name, tell him you are my friend”

And he gave us this paper.

Dear Chalo.

Rest and sleep well

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Thanks Ray👌🌺 Great story/interview.

I Love drummer Winston Watson as drummer and now his story.. great use language too

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