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I love this newsletter Ray - a real service to those of us who love live Dylan. Even though I have many many shows from stores and traders over the years you always coming up with new ones. That 1964 acoustic show you posted a month or two ago was stunning from both a performance and sonic point of view.

A couple of requests - my first live show after a long absence (the very first was Cobo Hall in Detroit 1978, followed by Dylan with the Dead 1986 Giants stadium) was Madison Square Garden fall 2002 - he played a number of Warren Zevon covers, plus Brown Sugar, plus as far as I know the first public performance of Ye Heavy and a Bottle of Bread.

I would also love a complete 79 or 80 gospel slow with the gospel singers set. I have some of that but not nearly enough! I love the official bootleg series but they always manage to leave something crucial like that out!

And I also find that US leg of 81 fascinating. Check out the Rolling Stone from Merriville, Illinois!

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