Ray, thank you for this review of last night’s show. The snippets of songs to illustrate your points were very helpful and surprisingly good! I, too, miss the rocking numbers that were so much fun on the earlier legs of the tour, especially False Prophet and Goodbye Jimmy Reed. Have fun at The King & Queen - wish I could be there to raise a pint.

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Yes - I’m very much with you on your experience. I’m more of a rock fan than a jazz/blues fan and so I do miss the up tempo numbers.

Last night you could almost feel the audience (and maybe even the band) want to take the lid off during GSS but he kept it steadfastly mid tempo. Overall, a notch down on 2019 in my opinion.

Still, 3 shows in and I’m just loving the whole experience. There were times over the last 3 years when I feared I’d never see him again …. Hope to see you pre-show tonight.

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