By the way, the accordion-driven arrangement of Tambourine Man here is amazing - never heard that arrangement before or since!

And one more thing - not sure of the normal way to submit this request, but - for a future post, would you mind considering an analysis of (selfishly) my own first Dylan show? It was his show at Chastain Park in Atlanta on Tuesday, August 15, 1989. (He also played there the next night but unfortunately I wasn't there.)

If it's helpful, I can send a recording of that show that I have - just let me know! Thanks Ray.

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This looks fabulous - thank you! And it's an excellent concept for a comp - especially since I've read critiques in the past of the songs Asylum put on "Before The Flood".

(What a weird period that was by the way - off Columbia for a minute, cheatin' on Columbia for heck's sake! - and they got back at him with the release of "Dylan" - before returning to Columbia just 7 months later for his very next record, a pretty decent one some may have heard tell of, something about Tracks...)

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